This is the support page for HiSB - the Hebrew interpolated Study Bible. This page will help you setup this module for theWord Bible study program, and also provide some additional resources to enhance its use.

is a module that works within the framework of theWord bible study software. The key to using the module is the toggle keys for activating the different features.

I=English Translation
M=Morpheme Marking
R=Ketiv Text
Y=Directional Arrow, and of course,
S=Strong's Numbers for the dictionary. See the module "Info" window for a reminder.

What HiSB does ...

The base text of  HiSB is the fully pointed Hebrew text of the Westminster Leningrad Codex ... the best quality digital Hebrew text available. With the use of toggle keys, either an English gloss and/or Israeli style transliteration is interpolated between the Hebrew words. You can know what the words of the Tanakh say, and say it! Further, all the Hebrew words are automatically linked up to a popup dictionary through the use of Strong's Numbers. Also, Morpheme Marking.

Take a look ...

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This bible was inspired by the various iHOT+ bibles in circulation, a tool that has been very helpful in Hebrew studies. While browsing the Biblos "Hebrew Study Bible" site: interlinearbible.org , it became clear that there was more data displayed there than in the iHots. I asked John Isett of Biblos if he would mind if his data was reformatted into a 'theWord' module. Not only did he agree to this idea, he was kind enough to provide his data files, and furthermore, promptly put me in contact with the very helpful Costas and Jon at 'theWord'. And so the project began. Thanks to all who inspired and helped.Ark of the Torah

The main Hebrew text and Strong's numbers are from David Troidl's 'morphhb' project at openscriptures, which is based on the tanach.us text. The English gloss is mainly King James Version text with various edits (by Biblos) from the New American Standard Bible (Lockman Foundation, Inc.).

The Hebrew transliteration is a simple Israeli scheme. The edited transliteration text is from: alittlehebrew.com.  

Well ... and some inspiration from the original.

- ALbeSh